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  • DRIERITE desiccants are made from the naturally occurring mineral, gypsum (Calcium Sulfate), and are available in several varieties designed to solve all types of drying problems. DRIERITE is an all purpose drying agent for the efficient and rapid drying of air, industrial gases, refrigerants, organic liquids and solids. It is used to maintain a dry atmosphere in storage spaces, vaults, commercial packages, and other enclosures; and for the protection of hygroscopic materials or materials subject to mildew, corrosion, rust, or other deterioration caused by high humidity.

    Forms of Drierite
    The granular forms of DRIERITE are available in sizes ranging from powder to 4 mesh ( 1 /4 inch granules) weighing approximately 65 pounds per cubic foot, (60 pounds per cubic foot for 200 mesh powder.) The powder is very well suited fo  Click for details>>

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